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Predictive Engineering SOLUTIONS

2505 SE 11th, Suite 310
Portland Oregon 97202-1063
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Predictive Engineering brings to bear over 25 years of finite element analysis experience in solving your most difficult mechanical engineering analysis problems be it; seismic analysis to meet the most rigorous DOE requirements, mission critical analysis of landing gear for Boeing's next generation of planes, or a deep diving submersible, Predictive Engineering can work cooperatively with your engineering team to deliver the right answer on schedule and on budget.

Our analysis tool of choice is NX.Nastran from Siemens. NX.Nastran is accepted as the premier analysis engine for the solution of linear and eigenvalue dynamics problems. It provides the confidence to the analysis team that the solution will be correct.

LS-DYNA is akin to FEA on steroids. It presents the greatest flexibility and power of any FEA based analysis software and the greatest challenges for the analyst to construct an accurate model. Predictive Engineering has over the course of six years completed a number of highly successful LS-DYNA projects that have been experimentally correlated.

LS-DYNA is by far the world's best explicit analysis code for the simulation of severe nonlinear transient events. Model creation is done within Femap and then exported to LSTC's LS-Pre/Post for model tweaking and post-processing.

Our expertise in computational fluid dynamics has been developed over eight years of industrial strength consulting where the results of analyses have been benchmarked by experimental measurements and real-world performance statistics. Reference clients can be found through Key Technology, Credence Systems, Lakeside Design and Phoseon Technology (partial list).

Our software of choice is CFdesign by Blue Ridge Numerics. This easy to use software allows us to quickly build and analyze complex assemblies and deliver accurate results to our clients in days rather than weeks.


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FEA – Sales and Consulting

FEA (finite element analysis)At Predictive Engineering, finite element analysis (FEA) is our business. We build efficient and accurate models every day.

We know which tools will work the best for your particular analysis project and we sell and support only the best: Femap / NX Nastran, CFdesign and LS-DYNA.

  • Bring us your mechanical engineering challenges. We'll do whatever it takes to jump-start your use of FEA.
  • Or, turn the project over to us completely.
  • Our consulting services are widely considered to be a cut above our peer group. The difference? Our dedication to providing the right answers on time and on budget.

Whether it be software solutions or consulting, Predictive Engineering has the knowledge, experience, and technology to help your company take full advantage of FEA.


Femap software solutions Engineers worldwide use Femap for modeling everything from simple solid components to entire spacecraft assemblies. This versatile preprocessor is also used throughout a broad range of engineering disciplines. From simple linear static analysis right through to advanced solutions based on LS-DYNA® from www.LSTC.com, Femap is the software of choice for creating accurate finite element models.

Open, compatible and Windows-based Femap is built on an advanced set of open technologies that allow it to work with almost all digital product definition data. Based on the Parasolid geometry kernel, Femap has direct access to some 35% of the world's digital product data. In addition, a number of state-of-the-art geometric extensions ensure that Femap is able to work with data from virtually any source, directly and seamlessly (e.g., CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/E, etc.). Femap also works with an unusually broad range of finite element solver solutions. More...

NX Nastran for Femap

Femap with NX NastranFor more than 30 years, NX Nastran has been the finite element analysis solver of choice in almost every major industry, including aerospace/ defense, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, medical and consumer products. It is an industry standard for analysis of stress, vibration, structural failure/ durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics and flutter/aeroelasticity.

NX Nastran for Femap supports a broad range of NX Nastran capabilities, such as linear and non-linear static, normal modes, Eigenvalue, transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response and buckling. In addition NX Nastran for Femap includes additional options for aeroelasticity, super-elements, optimization and DMAP. More...


LS-DYNALS-DYNA® from Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LTSC) is the world's most advanced general-purpose nonlinear finite element program. It is capable of simulating complex real-world problems, and is widely accepted as the premier analysis software package for today's most challenging engineering applications.

LS-DYNA can predict how a prototype will respond to real-world events such as crashes, drops, earthquakes, bird strikes, and so on. The ability to simulate these events in software minimizes the time and expense that must be devoted to experimental testing.

LS-DYNA is well optimized on all platforms including multi-processor platforms (see table below). Its accuracy has been proven through extensive correlation with experimental data and, of course, analytical solutions. LS-DYNA is an invaluable tool for capturing extreme nonlinear events where other solvers have failed. More...

Training and Coaching

TrainingWhen we say Predictive Engineering Solutions, we strive to be a complete solutions provider which includes custom training and coaching.

Often just owning the software is not enough to get the job done. Whether it be understanding Femap basics or developing advanced APIs to streamline mundane tasks, we can provide customized training for your task at hand. When it comes to Femap and NX Nastran, we're the knowledge leaders.

Find out more about our training and coaching program on our Training Page

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