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CFD Analysis of Roof-top Mounted Hospital Air Handler Analysis

Air Handler




Determine optimum air flow patterns and pressures in a large, roof-top mounted Hospital Air Handler.

Modeling Assumptions and Details: A CFD finite element model was built based on drawing and geometry information provided by the client.

The engineering work presents CFD results for Winter conditions. This condition represented the most diverse operating conditions for the Air Handler (AH).

The CFD software used on this project was CFdesign v2011 and is manufactured by Blue Ridge Numerics of Charlottesville, VA.

Summary: Results indicate that air flow through all significant points of the air handler is extremely uniform and will provide optimum heating and cooling across the coils. Given the high-resistance HE Filter near the exit of the air handler, upstream flow, pressure and thermal results will be unaffected by the final exit configuration used on the air handler. Additionally, this final HE-Filter acts as an equalizer to ensure that the final exiting air quality (temperature and flow) will meet or exceed the air exit specification.

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