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CFD Enclosure Simulation - Understanding Air Flow in a Room with CFD

Airflow dynamics within a room or an enclosure can have significant impact on human thermal comfort, production efficiencies, and even safety.

So You Want To Be a LS-DYNA Subject Matter Expert or SME? Don’t be Embarrassed to Take a Class.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the world is experiencing another sea change in events.

Composite Overlay Pressure Vessels (COPV) -The Future of Pressure Vessels on the Move Transporation

Pressure vessels and even composite pressure vessels, are nothing new, so why the write-up?  Energy storage has been the thorn in the side of the green energ

Tell Us What We Don't Know - FEA'ing the Unknowns

I was stumped the other day when a client asked me “How can your FEA results help us design better QA experiments?”  I had no easy answer, and it was a bit d

Stress Relief Grooves - Making it Bigger is Not Always a Better Idea

Yes, it is a “blog” and that means I can write about whatever engineering topic that catches my fancy.  Today it is classic mechanics and although we have th

Don’t Stand too Close to that Door (FSI for Load Determination)

Ever walk around a power plant or a hydroelectric dam and feel a little nervous?  You just know that if something goes – it’ll go big.  As consulting FEA and

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