Predictive Engineering provides finite element analysis consulting services, software, training and support to a broad range of engineering companies across North America.

Engineering Solutions

We are experienced simulation engineers that have successfully analyzed and validated hundreds and hundreds of finite element analysis (FEA) projects. With more than two decades experience we know how to optimize your design to deliver every last bit of performance and to ensure that it will meet your service requirements whether in Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Automotive, Medical or in Consumer Products.

Our Experience

When tackling a tough simulation problem, whether CFD or a tricky nonlinear analysis with LS-DYNA, there is very little that beats experience. We feel that our experience provides a competitive edge to our clients to obtain the absolute best design. As for project costs, it is not unusual for our FEA or CFD consulting services to save our clients money given more efficient use of materials or by limiting testing to one prototype. 

We Can Work for You

Toward putting some substance behind these assertions, we'll just let our Case Studies speak for themselves about how we have helped clients develop better structures and systems, from submarines to 3,000 HP transmissions to medical instruments to ASME Section VIII design-by-analysis pressure vessels. We welcome you to Predictive Engineering and hope you enjoy looking at our portfolio. 

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    Predictive Engineering specializes in pressure vessel analysis following ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 guidelines.

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    Software, training and support for the most advanced non-linear multiphysics simulation analysis software.

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