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Nonlinear & Transient Dynamic Consulting

LS-DYNA presents the greatest flexibility and power of any FEA based analysis software in the world. Its rate of innovation is truly amazing as it has expanded its capabilities over the last two decades into multi-physics from ALE, CFD (compressible and incompressible), frequency domain dynamics (PSD fatigue, modal frequency, rigid-body dynamics), NVH, electromagnetism, conjugate heat transfer, mesh free methods (EFG, SPH), discrete element method, complete fluid-structure, DEM-structure, SPH-structure capabilities and I'm sure I missed even more capabilities. 

At Predictive Engineering, we pride ourselves in the ability to conceptualize complex structures and systems into accurate numerical models. Given the complexity of LS-DYNA, our experience gained over the course of 20+ years allows us to quickly provide our clients with the right balance between cost and accuracy.

We have direct, verifiable experience in these nonlinear FEA consulting fields:

  • Drop-test analysis per 49 CFR 173 or MIL-STD-810E
  • Airplane seat analysis per TSO-C127a / SAE AS8049A / 14 CFR Part 25.562 for the 16g sled test
  • Blast analysis for protective design per PDC-TR 06-08 and CSA S850-12
  • Nonlinear material modeling of plastic, elastomeric and foam modeling for the sporting goods industry
  • Simulation of medical equipment from orthopedic screws, endoscopic tools (cables and tubes), syringes, cardiac tools and dental equipment
  • Extensive experience in nonlinear analysis of plastics from multi-shot assemblies, thread designs or drink cups
  • Impact analysis of a broad range of systems from composite structures, structural steel frames, engine stands, mining digger teeth, cameras and locomotive fuel tanks
  • Burst containment analysis on high-speed rotating turbines and medical equipment (x-ray scanning equipment)
  • Fracture simulation in glass and ceramic composites
  • Pyro-shock analysis for military devices
  • Hyperelastic seal design (e.g., O-rings) for medical devices, truck components and coffee cups

At Predictive Engineering, we are continually honing our skills as nonlinear FEA consultants and we make it a point to attend training events and the yearly LS-DYNA Conference (May 14-16, 2019 in Koblenz, Germany). Along with this effort, we also teach a yearly course in LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics.

Our LS-DYNA Case Studies represent just a few of our more important projects and they provide a bit of insight into our ability to get you the right simulation results, quickly and economically. We hope you enjoy them and welcome to Predictive Engineering!