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So You Want To Be a LS-DYNA Subject Matter Expert or SME? Don’t be Embarrassed to Take a Class.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the world is experiencing another sea change in events. It seems anyone can be an expert with a little on-line help; however, AI can’t substitute for is documented, referenced and hard-earned experience in the FEA trenches. For brevity, since this is a blog, let’s just call it “curated experience or intelligence”. Such curated intelligence (CI) can’t be faked or AI’ed since it has to be earned. On my side of the fence, it means that the demand for CI is going to become even more important since AI has the ability to make any newbie look like a pro.

If someone asked me what makes me a SME in LS-DYNA with specialized CI?  I would say, look at my resume , look at the type of simulation work that I have done with LS-DYNA and are they recognized by others in their specialty?  That last question can be a bit tricky.  I would offer as curated evidence my name being cited over 170 times in  Another check mark is who do they partner with?  Recently I have partnered with RandSIM to keep my hat into the LS-DYNA game.  And lastly, I have taken a ton of classes at the former LSTC.

The world will always need talent that is real and based on their own internal hard-earned experience.  The market for engineers with CI will always be stronger than for engineers with fluffy, skin-deep AI talents.  Toward that goal of earning your CI in LS-DYNA, I would recommend attending my LS-DYNA Class and see our web page for more information.  One can also email me and I’ll send you a PDF of the class notes for your review.