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News, Blogs and Updates

Cooling Analysis of Composite Mandrel using STAR-CCM+

Modern jet engines are getting bigger and also lighter.

Another successful LS-DYNA training class

A quick thank-you is due to all of the attendees to our May 2017 LS-DYNA training.

A Roadmap to Linear and Nonlinear Implicit Analysis in LS-DYNA

Below is a condensed presentation of our paper "A Roadmap to Linear and Nonlinear Implicit Analysis in LS-DYNA" that we presented at the 11th International L

Why Your Project Will be Right

Predictive Engineering has been offering mechanical engineering analysis services for more than twenty years.

Our next FEMAP and NX Nastran training course

We've held our biannual FEMAP trainings for so long now, you can set your seasonal clock by it.

Coupled CFD and FEA Project Work

CFD and FEA services are our core business and have been for more than 20 years.

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