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Top 10+ Reasons to Choose LS-DYNA

Our good friends at ANSYS-LST, makers of LS-DYNA, put this list together to present to their customers.

Simulating deep-sea, heavy-lift cables

A recent project of note involved heavy-lifting undersea cables.

New LS-DYNA case study focuses on O-Ring Analysis

Dr. Laird recently finished a new LS-DYNA case study focusing on O-Ring Analysis.

Basics of Composite Analysis for Engineers

At our Seattle FEMAP Symposium, George Laird from Predictive Engineering presented a brief on "Basics of Composite Analysis for Engineers."

Looking forward to two great upcoming FEA events

It's been busy here at Predictive Engineering.

Doing a bit of Research on Brazing of Ceramics to Metals

I was doing a bit of online research on the FEA modeling of the brazing process. We have a client making high-tech ceramic to metal fixtures.

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