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Burst Containment: Aviation, Industrial, Medical and Military

Burst Containment: Aviation, Industrial, Medical and Military


Nonlinear and Transient


Provide accurate burst containment simulations for high-speed rotating equipment.

Burst containment testing is challenging and expensive since the test destroys pretty much everything and often times, one has no idea if containment or non-containment was marginal or not.  The challenge with finite element analysis is determining if the result is a cartoon or a simulation.  The engineering software cost for performing a transient, dynamic nonlinear simulation burst containment simulation is minimal but it still requires engineering experience to make it all work accurately.  Our nonlinear FEA consultants have decades of validated experience.
This short note covers our engineering consulting services work on burst containment within four major industries: aviation (auxiliary power units or APU’s), Industrial (electrical power turbines), Medical (x-ray scanning machines) and Military (blast containment).  We are pleased to state that our simulation work has been validated and has stood the test of time.

Burst Containment: Aviation, Industrial, Medical and Military

Burst Containment: Aviation, Industrial, Medical and Military
For those that are video inclined, this video link provides a quick overview of our burst simulation work by our team of FEA experts in transient, dynamic nonlinear FEA simulation.
Composite Overlay Pressure Vessel (COPV III) Burst Simulation and Composite Aviation Transportation Container for Drones - Burst Simulation - Crash Simulation
Burst Containment: Aviation – Blade-Out, Rotor Tri-Hub or Turbine Wheel
Burst containment of high-speed rotors (APU, Engine Starter Rotors, Turbine Blade Hubs) is an FAA/EASA certification requirement. Simulations provide a very efficient method for cost-to-weight optimization and design insurance that the system will pass the FAA/EASA requirement. Predictive Engineering’s consulting engineers have direct experience with constructing burst containment simulations that have been validated in test and in service.
Blade-Out Burst Containment Analysis and Tri-Hub Burst Containment Simulation - Nonlinear FEA - Transient, Dynamic Nonlinear FEA Consulting Services
Burst Containment: Industrial – Turbine Wheel Power Generation (Tri-Hub Split)
Turbochargers, gas turbines, impellers, diffusors, jet engines all create burst containment challenges. The conversion of gas energy to mechanical energy is a classic turbine wheel application. This gas fired turbine wheel system was investigated for its tri-hub burst containment robustness.
Industrial Power Generation - Gas Turbine Wheel Tri-Hub Burst Containment - Nonlinear FEA Experts
Burst Containment of Industrial Gas Turbine Wheel for Power Generation - FEA Consulting Engineers
Burst Containment: Medical – X-Ray Generation via Rotating Tungsten Disk (CT)
High-intensity X-Ray generation for medical CT imaging relay upon a rotating tungsten-coated anode. This anode typically rotates around 10,000 RPM. Over time, the anode disk embrittles and can burst. Simulation work replicated the burst behavior and additional optimization work arrived at a final design that provided full containment.
10,000 RPM Rotating Anode X-Ray Generator Burst Containment  and 10,000 RPM Rotating Anode X-Ray Generator for CT Medical Imaging - Burst Containment - Burst Simulation
Burst Containment: Explosive-Failure Experience with Metals, Composites, Ceramics
Validated experience with composites, plastics, polymers and metals under explosive (ConWep) and Pressurized Burst Conditions. Material experts in ceramics, metals, engineered composites (polymeric and cement) – see Predictive Engineering Consulting Services for more stories.
Composite Overlay Pressure Vessel (COPV III) Burst Simulation - Predictive Engineering Expert ASME Section VIII, Division 2 services
Composite Aviation Transportation Container for Drones - Impact, PSD and Pressurization - Progressive Ply Failure - Composite Engineering Analysis Consulting
Blast Analysis of Generetor Housing - Nonlinear and Transient Analysis
MASH 2016 TL-3 Silverado Crash Simulation into concrete barrier.  Nonlinear FEA consulting experts in transportation crash analysis.
Predictive Engineering – The Advantage of Getting it Right the First Time
Predictive Engineering Simulation Consulting Services - Portland, Oregon USA With +20 years of validated simulation experience.  Experts in FEA and CFD Simulation.