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FEA Consulting Services: Transmissions, Gearboxes and Drive Train Components

FEA Consulting Services: Transmissions, Gearboxes and Drivetrain Components




Predictive Engineering has done over 650+ FEA simulation projects in its 20+ years in business. Our experience allows us to build FEA models quickly and correctly.

This case study presents a few of our more interesting FEA consulting service projects that we have done on transmission, gearbox and drive train components over the last several years. Most of the work involves nonlinear contact, bolt preload and detailed stress and vibration analysis toward durability analysis of the components.

FEA simulattions discussed are:

  1. Heavy-Duty Electric Utility Vehicle Gearbox and Differential Housing
  2. Dual-Cylinder Motorcycle Engine Gearbox and Housing
  3. Transmission analysis of dual-shaft 3,000 HP gearbox
  4. Transmission Shifting Mechanisms
  5. Hydraulic Variable Speed Transmission Housing Analyses
  6. Large-Scale Gearbox for Off-Shore Drilling Platform Winch

Video Summary of our FEA Consulting Projects on Transmissions, Gearboxs, Hydraulic Variable Speed Housings and Drive Train Components

Stress and fatigue analysis gearbox and drivetrain components for a light-weight electric utility vehicle.  The FEMAP model was analyzed using NX Nastran SOL 601 (ADINA) - Predictive Engineeirng FEA Fatigue and Vibration Experts and Consultants
Stress and Fatigue Analysis of Motorcycle Engine Transmission - FEA Seal Analysis to Prevent Oil Leads - FEA Services
Stress and Vibration Analysis of 3000 HP Dual-Shaft 8-Speed Transmission for Pumping of Heavy Fluid - Finite Element Analysis Consultants, Portland, Oregon
FEA Simulation of Transmission Shifting Components for 4x4 Vehicles with O-Ring Sealing Analysis - Transmission Analysis Services
FEA Consulting Engineers - Hydraulic Variable-Speed Transmission Housing Analysis under Internal Pressure and Thermal-Stress
FEA Simulation - Gearbox Analysis for High-Speed Off-Shore Winch - FEA Services - Digital Protyping of Gearboxes and Transmissions