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Stress and Buckling Analysis Deep-Diving Submersible Vessel per ABS Rules

Deep Diving Luxury Submarine Analyzed by FEA and then Validated Against Fiber Optic Strain Gauges




Structural and Buckling analysis was performed on a deep-diving submersible vessel. A comprehensive set of finite element models was developed to fully document the stress state in the vessel. For example, hatch forgings were modeled using tetrahedral elements while the main hull structure was modeled with plate elements.  Stress results were validated against fiber optic strain gauges during a programed dive test.

Results from this analysis were used to certify the submarine hull under ABS rules.

For the buckling analysis, a specialized brick and plate model of the complete vessel was developed.

This model was then analyzed using the eigenvalue buckling routine and a geometric nonlinear approach. Both techniques yielded equivalent results.

Modeling notes: Experimental strain measurements (Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors) gathered during sea trials confirmed the accuracy of the FEA results. At this juncture, the FEA analyses have been submitted to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to certify the vessel for use.

What can happen if you are diving out-of-control and hit the sea floor.  Simulation done in LS-DYNA.

Femap FEA model of deep-diving luxury submarine
Desktop Engineering Cover Article on Deep-Diving Luxury Submarine