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Impact Analysis of Additive Manufactured Lattice Structures

Impact Analysis (FEA) of Additive Manufactured Lattice Structures at Predictive Engineering Consulting Services




This project work was sponsored by the US Army’s Natick Soldier Systems Center to investigate additive manufactured lattice structures for improved blunt impact protection for helmets. 

The idea is simple enough, modern helmets are designed to deflect or mitigate the impact forces due to bullets (high velocity) but not so much for blunt force impacts (lower velocity).  In military operations, blunt force impacts are common, albeit sometimes, accidently due to falls or in the rush to enter-exit buildings and vehicles.  In combat, flying debris also present challenge to helmet designers where the impacts can be both high- and low-velocity.

Our work was to set the foundation for the exploration of polymeric 3D lattice structures to create the next generation of energy-absorbing helmet liners for military applications. These structures could only be manufactured using the additive process and hence, the title of our work.  Results from this study can be found in our publication: 1377_11-Natick-1017-01 LS-DYNA Analysis of Engineered Polymer Structures for Blunt Impact Protection Rev-0B.pdf

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