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LS-DYNA Nonlinear Analysis of Plastics, Elastomers and Foams

Athletic body armors use a complex array of plastics, elastomers and foams that are well suited to analysis by LS-DYNA




This case study presents several consulting projects where LS-DYNA was used in the nonlinear analysis of plastics, elastomers and foams.

Compilation of LS-DYNA videos showing Nylon 12 watch band opening, drop test of 22-oz SAM plastic cup with silicone seal, baseball bat hitting baseball (MAT_181 rubber),impact of foam blocks (body armor), snap-fit of medial device and lastly, silicone seal press fit, snap through analysis.

LS-DYNA Nonlinear Analysis of Nylon 12 plastic watch band
LS-DYNA Drop-Test of Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) Plastic Cup
LS-DYNA analysis of NCAA Baseball Bat and Elastomeric Ball
LS-DYNA Impact of nested foam blocks.
LS-DYNA Analysis of Advanced All-Plastic Medical Device
LS-DYNA Analysis of Snap-Fit during Assembly Operation
LS-DYNA analysis work also included abuse loading of the device
Elastomeric seal design using LS-DYNA analysis with plastic Snap-Fit Mechanism