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Predictive Engineering Thermal-Stress Consulting Experience

This FEA consulting case study brings together various thermal-stress projects we have done over the last decade. If you don't want to see the written version, we have also created a YouTude video on our Thermal-Stress consulting projects that can be viewed here:

In the case study you'll find an onsite synopsis, a short summary video, and a PDF case study of the following thermal-stress projects that we have done using Femap, NX Nastran and LS-DYNA:

  1. Thermal-Stress Analysis of 500kW Generator
  2. Thermal-Deflection Analysis of Composite Fabrication Mandrel
  3. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Hydrogen Reactor
  4. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Potted DC-AC Invertor and other Electronic Devices
  5. ASME Thermal-Stress Analysis of Thick-Walled LOX and RP1 Propellant Tanks
  6. Thermal-Stress Effects within Thick Composite Laminate
  7. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Water Cooled Stoker Grate
  8. Overview of General Thermal-Stress Projects

Read the case study here.

Predictive Engineering Thermal-Stress Consulting Experience