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Modeling Composites Handbook: An Introduction to the How and Why with Femap, NX Nastran and LS-DYNA

Modeling Composites with Femap


This 100+ page Handbook is intended to be the starting point for engineers that are interested in simulating the mechanical response of composite materials using Femap and then analyzing their models using NX Nastran or LS-DYNA. Basic laminate modeling theory is introduced and then tied back to how it is implemented within Femap. We also provide some easy to use rules such that one can create their own composite mechanical properties based on the rule-of-mixtures and cover the limitations of this method.

Important Chapters in this Handbook are: Composite Micromechanics, Laminate Modeling in Femap, Creating a 2D Laminate Model in Femap, Creating a 3D Laminate Model in Femap, Modeling a Sandwich Composite, Laminate Failure Theories in Femap, Modeling the Failure Behavior of Composite Laminates, Four-Point Bending of a Sandwich Composite Using Femap and NX Nastran and a very useful Addendum.

Foundation: This Handbook provides the foundation for users looking to model laminate and sandwich composites using Femap. Besides the basic setup for building the model, a full comparison is given between hand-calculations and NX Nastran and LS-DYNA results. Although not intended for composite experts, this paper will be a useful resource for many engineers facing the challenge of checking their results and building models.